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UIL Results

Thank you to all those who helped, organized and supported this event!

Here are the results-

4th Art Smart
Amberly         3rd place
Ashton           4th place
Chaney          5th place

4th grade Oral Reading
Camille           3rd place
Garrett            5th place

4th grade Ready Writing
Mikayla           6th place

4th grade Spelling
Ethan             2nd place
Sara               5th place
Nicolas           6th place

4th grade Number Sense
Tian Da           3rd place
Eric                4th place

4th grade Music Memory-  In this event there were 4 first place and 2 second place. This was a first in the history of this event.
Kayla Rose     2nd place
Molly              2nd place

3rd grade Ready Writing
Lauren            1st place

3rd grade Storytelling
Ruby              6th place

3rd grade Spelling
Ben                3rd place

3rd grade Music Memory-All six places were first place which means all the students had to score
perfect.  AMAZING!
Yehrim            1st place
Catherine        1st place

2nd grade Storytelling
Mary Catherine  4th place
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