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Pebble Creek Elementary School...

Inspiring students to be risk takers and world thinkers, building strong foundations and growing real relationships for success in our changing world.


Staff and Student Commitment Sentence...

I will Nurture Success through Perseverance, Integrity, and Relationships Everyday.

Pebble Creek Campus Improvement Plan 2015-2016

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 - All students will successfully complete rigorous and relevant coursework that will prepare them for their future.


  1. v  Ensure that all students have access to rigorous and engaging curriculum and technology that enable them to be risk takers and world thinkers.
  2. v  Develop strong foundations through differentiation and inclusive practices to meet the needs of all students.

Goal 2 - Through increasing opportunities for choice, students will be able to customize learning opportunities to meet their unique needs and develop creative thinking.


  1. v  Students will be provided instruction based on their language needs using ESL instructional strategies.
  2. v  Students will engage in activities to promote higher level thinking skills and develop skills for real-world applications.
  3. v  Interventions for all students will be provided and documented prior to making a referral for special education testing.

Goal 3 - Provide a safe and supportive environment for all, with an emphasis on positive, strong, healthy relationships.


  1. v  The staff and families will work together to nurture the social and emotional needs of our students.
  2. v  Ensure that the Pebble Creek school environment is safe and conducive to learning.
  3. v  Build and nurture strong, positive staff relationships.

Goal 4 - Empower families and the community to be full partners in students’ educational success.


  1. v  Provide opportunities for families to support their children in the learning process.
  2. v  Communicate effectively with families and the community regarding school activities and volunteer opportunities.

Goal 5 - Demonstrate accountability to our community by providing a quality education based on local standards, while meeting state and federal targets.


  1. v  Provide multiple means of progress monitoring while communicating student achievement to families throughout the year.
  2. v  Comply with all state and federal requirements.

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